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Ralph 'Pete' Peters
Founder & President
"Maintenance Excellence Begins with

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Ralph W. 'Pete' Peters
President & Owner
P: 919-270-1173
E: ralphpetepeters@gmail.com


TMEII Sponsor's

The TMEII family is a proud sponsor of Adventurers for Special Needs (AFSN). In fact, Ralph 'Pete' Peters TMEII Founder/President is Co-founder of AFSN with his son, Brian Peters. This organization is near and dear to all of the TMEII family. Learn More

Join Our Worldwide Alliance Team


We now have Alliance Team Members from all around the World, and we want and need more True Maintenance Leaders to join our Alliance Team. Our two primary Scoreboards have 27 maintenance best categories. We currently have experts in each of these 27 categories to support all three of our service areas.

  1. Maintenance Excellence Services - Value Adding Consulting
  2. Operational Services - Value Adding Leadership and Temporary Services
  3. Training for Maintenance Excellence

We want and need more!  So, do you want to make a contribution to the maintenance profession, to support our TrueWorkShopsTM with your expertise or to support pure consulting?  If so, please contact us today. If you want to represent us only for TMEII business development, there is a very important place for you and a very lucrative self-employment opportunity.

Our PRIDE-in-Maintenance.com website offers you the opportunity to create content for your very own web page that can be viewed by all TMEII visitors, absolutely free.

Work with us to increase your web presence through this unique marketing opportunity. You can add a link in any of your future emails to your customers that take them directly to your PRIDE-in-Maintenance.com web page. The original PRIDE-in-Mainteance.com website was visited by more than 50,000 maintenance professionals all over the world since it was originally published. We expect this site to become a major source of information for maintenance professionals everywhere.

All Alliance Team Members share in revenues when they bring in consulting clients or sign-up TrueWorkShopTM attendees. Alliance Team Members typically are specifically named in proposals and will work on projects they sell at a defined daily rate.

All Alliance Team Members are qualified "independent contractors" with tax benefits of having their own business.

This is truly a Win-Win situation
currently without a franchise fee or additional cost of any type.

To begin the 4-step selection process with the Founder/President/Coach of The Maintenance Excellence Institute International;

  1. Send an email with a complete and detailed resume/CV and why you desire to become an Alliance Team Member of TMEII directly to Pete's Email.

  2. You will receive a confirmation email that your material was received plus a date/time to discuss your questions by phone.

  3. Final decisions are made by you and TMEII

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