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Ralph 'Pete' Peters
Founder & President
"Maintenance Excellence Begins with

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Ralph W. 'Pete' Peters
President & Owner
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The TMEII family is a proud sponsor of Adventurers for Special Needs (AFSN). In fact, Ralph 'Pete' Peters TMEII Founder/President is Co-founder of AFSN with his son, Brian Peters. This organization is near and dear to all of the TMEII family. Learn More

Maintenance Management Training Tools for Excellence


Maintenance Management Training Tools for: Reliability, Benchmarking and Productivity

As maintenance management consultants keeping a record of progress is one of the most important aspects of maintenance management consulting and our maintenance management training. Making decisions based upon facts rather than beliefs produces tangible results to achieve your goals in maintenance excellence. Through our many years as maintenance management consultants we have had time to design the most reliable maintenance excellence tools for benchmarking and productivity. These tools were designed to give your organization higher formants from its critical asset. Benefit of these tools is once your organization receives a consistent measurement of its performance they will also achieve profit optimization because everything will be working at maximum efficiency based on your goals and based on our benchmarking system. These tools will help ensure reliability and maintenance excellence.

Ralph W. "Pete" Peters, TMEII Founder and President, developed a number of important productivity tools over his of 38 years of maintenance experience with the Corps of Engineers, US Army, as a manufacturing plant manager for 2 large plants, as director of facilities management and director of productivity management plus his worldwide consulting and training. These tools are provided to you in several ways:

1)  Electronic references for TrueWorkShopsTM
2)  As a resource to clients during all Scoreboard Assessments
3)  Benchmarking/Productivity tools and Books available for purchase through this site

Some of these maintenance management training tools for benchmarking and productivity include:

The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence: Today's most comprehensive audit and benchmarking tool for plant maintenance operations. Originally developed in 1981, this tool can be easily customized for each client if desired, as was done for the Air Combat Command and for histories largest audit of the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. It has 27 best practice areas and 300 specific evaluation items.

The Scoreboard for Facilities Management Excellence: Designed specifically for facilities management and maintenance operations under the same concept as The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence, but different criteria focused upon facility systems and processes. It also has 27 best practice areas and 300 specific evaluation items.

The CMMS Benchmarking System: Inspired by Ollie Wights' system for classifying MRP-II system implementation progress as Class A, B, C or D, this tool does the same for an existing CMMS installation. It covers 9 best practice categories and includes 50 specific evaluation items. Not for evaluating one CMMS against another, but rather provides a base line as to how to maximize value of you current CMMS investment. Listen to Pete's emaint webinar: Evaluation, Selection and Justification of CMMS/EAM

The Reliability & Maintenance Excellence Index: This tool measure bottom line, shop level results for the Maintenance Leader. As a one page Excel document, it combines the weighted value of 10-15 key metrics for an overall Total Maintenance Excellence Index Value. Individual metrics are trended individually against client performance goals and the initial baseline values for each metric.

The ACE Team Benchmarking Process: Also termed, The ACE Team Process for Estimating (ATPI). This was developed by TMEII Founder in the mid 1970s and is an exclusive offering by TMEII. Very simply, APTI allows reliable planning times to be developed within 95% accuracy for work content or wrench time. TMEII offers today's only certification process for this work measurement technique which includes continuous improvement of repair methods, safety, quality and reliability.

Improving Overall Craft Effectiveness (OCE): This term coined by TMEII a number of years ago is all about measuring and improving craft productivity. The three elements of OCE; Craft Utilization (CU), Craft Performance (CP) and Craft Service Quality (CSQ) parallel the physical asset productivity measure of OEE; Overall Equipment Effectiveness. All Maintenance Leaders must clearly understand OCE.

With these maintenance management training tools you have a clear target for success.

TARGETS: Take Aim at Recommendations to Gain Excellence from Training Success. TMEII saw that often assessment recommendations were not clearly understood by some clients and especially Top Leaders. So TARGETS is simply a focus on implementation and has three elements:

1)  The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence assessment/audit
2)  Just-in-Time training on high priority best practices
3)  Cost effective TMEII to facilitate client's implementation

We have proven results in maintenance excellence from our maintenance management training.

The Maintenance Excellence Institute International has developed the technical expertise through working experience and years of commitment and dedication of helping businesses with their maintenance processes to achieve profit maximization. We take great pride in the maintenance profession and are extremely proud of our maintenance management consultants that make up three levels of leadership.

These three levels of leadership include: Top Leaders, Maintenance Leaders, and Crafts Leaders. As maintenance management consultants leading the way in the maintenance profession we are always looking for top talent and leaders to join our alliance team to provide the world's best maintenance management consulting.

TrueWorkShopsTM offer the best in maintenance management training.

One of the ways our leaders refine their skills is through our TrueWorkShopsTM which provide clear meaning to our industries best practices of today. Our TrueWorkShopsTM provide thorough practical exercises on key topics affecting the maintenance industry. Thorough ideas are shared with instructors case studies. In valuable experiences shared from over three hundred plant and facility sites. We utilize the most comprehensive benchmarking tools and practices available as indicated above.