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Ralph 'Pete' Peters
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"Maintenance Excellence Begins with

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Maintenance Management Consultants Operational Services


Operational Services as Your Maintenance Management Consultants Require Implementation...

Successful implementation is the cornerstone of our approach as maintenance management consultants. Our Alliance Team Members are highly qualified maintenance management consultants ready to serve you with very cost effective day-to-day support which we call Operational Services. We have the technical knowledge, the practical shop level experience, and the commitment to help improve the maintenance management of your business process. Operational Services is short-term and temporary but provided to support you, as if your operation was also our own personal business.

Operational Services Focuses Upon Two Important Areas of Maintenance Management Consulting:

  1. To provide temporary services as a resource to manage and lead a plant maintenance (or facilities management operation) over a short duration, transitional period of time.
  2. To implement your strategic, tactical or operational plan that we may have helped you develop via our Reliability & Maintenance Excellence Services.

As Maintenance Management Consultants Our Operational Services Help Ensure Results...

Our goal as your Maintenance Management Consultants is to provide long-term, results-based services to each client through our maintenance management consulting and maintenance management training. We work to achieve your goals and then validate the projected results. Goals with specific plan of actions that we set out together to achieve. Our Alliance Team is made up of Maintenance Management Consultants that are very special people who can manage/lead shop level maintenance operations, plan for maintenance excellence, operate your storeroom and facilitate higher performance from critical assets.

Our Maintenance Management Consultants have P.R.I.D.E. They are People Really Interested in Developing Excellence in maintenance for your organization through the best maintenance management consulting and maintenance management training. All have PRIDE-in-Maintenance which helps to gain confidence quickly from people on your staff. They provide the knowledge, practical experience and commitment to maintenance management consulting in order to help manage and lead while helping to facilitate improvement to your maintenance management processes. You will have gained value from operational services, our maintenance management consulting and maintenance management training.

The Value of Operational Services Our Maintenance Management Consultants Provide...

We will provide “Grass Roots” support at the shop level to ensure successful implementation of today’s best maintenance management practices. Potential results we define from our Maintenance Excellence Services will include results we validate as being achieved. For the purpose of helping achieve success of your total operation the following Operational Services capabilities are available to improve profitability and increase your customer satisfaction:

  • Manage and Lead Your Total Maintenance Operation: We can provide staff to perform duties as your maintenance manager or facilities manager to help achieve improvement opportunities defined from our Scoreboard assessments. Operational Services can include implementing recommendations to:

  • Achieve Improved Preventive or Predictive Maintenance (PM/PdM)
  • Implement Effective Planning, Estimating and Scheduling
  • Modernize Maintenance Storerooms and improve MRO Materials Management
  • Begin Effective Continuous Reliability Improvement (CRI)
  • Improve Equipment Up-time and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Improve Craft Labor Productivity and Overall Craft Effectiveness (OCE)
  • Coordinate Critical Asset Performance Facilitation
  • Manage and Ensure Craft Skills Development (CSD)
  • Implement Operator-Based Maintenance (OBM)
  • Maximizing Value from Existing Computerized Maintenance Management
  • Systems ( CMMS) ◦Maximizing the Value From Contracted Maintenance Services
  • Coordinate Facility Condition Assessment Services
  • Coordinate Energy Management and HSSE Compliance

  • Serve as Your Chief Maintenance Officer (CMO): Provide staff to perform a new C-Position role as Chief Maintenance Officer responsible for all physical assets across a multiple site operation. Ensure maximum up-time of critical assets, effective use of CMMS/FMMS/EAM across the organization, standard practices for continuous reliability improvement, lower life cycle costs and consistent performance measurement of maintenance as a key contributor to profit optimization.

  • Planning For Maintenance Excellence: Provide staff to perform duties as maintenance planners, estimators, schedulers for shop level tasks or to cover major turnarounds/shutdowns and facilities construction & renovation operations. We also provide staffing to serve as on the job trainers and coaches for a newly created maintenance planning function.

  • Storeroom Management and On-Site Support for Modernization: Provide staff for day to day operation of your storeroom to include direct management, support to professional development of internal staff capabilities and for implementation of storeroom and MRO materials management best practices such as bar code implementation, access control, cycle counting, e-procurement, parts database development for CMMS. We provide on-site support to overall storeroom modernization such as layout, storage methods and materials handling planning, re-warehousing after stock location improvements.

  • Craft Skills Development: Provide staff to achieve PRIDE-in-Maintenance starting with craft skills assessments, determining skill levels required and to developing technical program that meets current skill deficiencies. Identify and address long-term craft skill needs and support development of applicable skills needed by operators who assume maintenance-related tasks. Provide support in developing and implementing multi-craft strategy. Coordinate and manage overall craft skills development program for client including operators who assume maintenance-related tasks.

  • Critical Asset Performance Facilitation and PM/PdM Development: Provide staff to perform duties as critical asset performance facilitators and PM/PdM program renewal or initial development. We also provide staffing to serve as on-the-job trainers and coaches for new critical asset performance facilitation functions within large multiple site operations.

Added Value of Operational Services by our Maintenance Management Consultants...

The value of our Operational Services is that we are truly in the trenches to help ensure successful implementation and projected results. Our mission is to add measurable value during the long-term growth of each organization. Our mission capability to serve you is strengthened significantly with this unique approach because:

  • You gain value from the contributions of your PEOPLE we work with each day.
  • You gain people with PRIDE-in-Maintenance, People Really Interested in Developing Excellence in Maintenance.
  • You gain PEOPLE who will add greater value to their own unique total maintenance operation after we have completed consulting and operational service assignments.

Again, please remember The Maintenance Excellence Institute International has the technical knowledge, practical experience, and commitment to help improve your maintenance business process via Operational Services. As your Maintenance Management Consultants we will do this as if your operation was also our own personal business.

For more information about Operational Services or Maintenance Management Consulting please contact us:

For Pete email him at: ralphpetepeters@gmail.com or call: (919) 270-1173