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Ralph 'Pete' Peters
Founder & President
"Maintenance Excellence Begins with

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Ralph W. 'Pete' Peters
President & Owner
P: 919-270-1173
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The TMEII family is a proud sponsor of Adventurers for Special Needs (AFSN). In fact, Ralph 'Pete' Peters TMEII Founder/President is Co-founder of AFSN with his son, Brian Peters. This organization is near and dear to all of the TMEII family. Learn More

Welcome to The Maintenance Excellence Institute International

"Maintenance Excellence Begins with PRIDE-in-Maintenance"

Our Alliance Team of Maintenance Management Consultants reaches Far and Wide Around the World

Our Worldwide Alliance Team Members are more than just maintenance management consultants, they are all successful companies; with some being semi-competitors and many as individual sole proprietors. They make up our world class team of professionals to help your journey toward reliability and maintenance excellence proven maintenance management consulting. We have no objection from you contacting our maintenance management consultants directly for support.

As Maintenance Management Consultants We Have No Competition

TMEII feels strongly "there are really no competitors" in the reliability and maintenance excellence consulting and training business. The reason is "there is so much worldwide need and so little time" with few qualified resources available. And we all know there is truly a Worldwide need to improve maintenance processes and to increase the appreciation of maintenance and the profession.

Our Maintenance Management Consultants Do Not Sell CMMS Systems But We Help Maximize the Value of CMMS to Each Client.

Keep in mind as maintenance management consultants The Maintenance Excellence Institute International (TMEII) does not sell or market CMMS systems or other IT technologies. However, we do recommend systems at times with all finders' going to our clients if they make a purchase. We do help evaluate existing CMMS gaps, functionality needs and support implementation which our Alliance Team has done for over 100 installations.

The extensive technical skills available from our Alliance Team of maintenance management consultants are aligned toward our three main service areas to:

  1. Provide capabilities for Reliability & Maintenance Excellence Services that can expand to cover the total scope of the total maintenance operation. Our strategy is Continuous Reliability Improvement (CRI) of all maintenance resources not just the physical assets. We begin with a core team of highly qualified individuals. Our approach starts first with a Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence assessment; which is today's best external benchmarking tool for maintenance management consulting.
  2. But depending on your needs, Reliability and Maintenance Excellence Services can be focused on implementing a specific best practice staffed from the professional skills bank of our Alliance Team Members.
  3. Provide capabilities for shop level Operational Services with very experienced and professional maintenance management consultants who can:
    • Manage/lead day to day shop level maintenance operations
    • Serve as your Chief Maintenance Officer (CMO) to support maintenance excellence across multiple sites.
    • Help you plan for maintenance excellence with temporary staff planner additions, allowing you to test this best practice and then start-up a new planning function
    • Operate your storeroom, coordinate modernization and MRO materials management -
    • Facilitate critical assets for greater performance, quality and reliability
    • Become your resource for managing successful craft skills development and supervisory professional development
    • Operational Services staff at your site also has further technical support available from both Maintenance Excellence Services staff and from our Training for Maintenance Excellence resources

  4. Provide resources for conducting Training for Reliability & Maintenance Excellence seminars or develop custom material on topics very specific to your operation. Our Alliance Members have presented worldwide, they have worked with all types and sizes of maintenance operations. Each has been in the day to day, real world trenches of maintenance giving them valuable knowledge and expertise to lead the way. All are ready and capable to help your journey to reliability & maintenance excellence with value added training ensuring the best maintenance management consulting.

  5. Alliance Team members support our Worldwide TrueWorkShopTM Schedule of public seminars, our customized inhouse sessions and our speech offerings on topics provided at this link TrueWorkShopsTM.

Join TMEII Now for an Exciting and Challenging Career in Maintenance Management Consulting.

Business opportunities for maintenance management consultants and  trainers are filled with endless opportunities.  There is much demand for our services and  there simply are not enough qualified  resources available to fulfill the needs for improving  reliability in maintenance excellence. Improving maintenance processes has become a necessity which has contributed to an intensified appreciation for results from  maintenance management consulting and training.

The Maintenance Excellence Institute International wants to thank you for your site visit and if you want more information about becoming an Alliance Team Member, either as a company providing maintenance management consulting or as an individual maintenance management consultant, please go to this additional link on our website; Join Our Alliance Team. Together we will turn maintenance excellence dreams into reality. Or you can call Ralph "Pete" Peters at 919-270-1173.