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Ralph 'Pete' Peters
Founder & President
"Maintenance Excellence Begins with

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Ralph W. 'Pete' Peters
President & Owner
P: 919-270-1173
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The TMEII family is a proud sponsor of Adventurers for Special Needs (AFSN). In fact, Ralph 'Pete' Peters TMEII Founder/President is Co-founder of AFSN with his son, Brian Peters. This organization is near and dear to all of the TMEII family. Learn More

Reliability and Maintenance Management Consulting...


First Steps for Achieving Excellence in Maintenance Management Consulting...

Typically, our very first steps for maintenance management consulting with a manufacturing client begins with a Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence assessment to "determine where you are" with opportunities for improvement. As your maintenance management consultants we also clearly define your current strengths and successes.

Results from today’s most comprehensive assessment process will clearly define your current needs to "Top Leaders" and the Return-on-Maintenance-Investment (ROMI) from your measured results. Your ROMI should be measured and validated monthly. We provide basic and advanced best practices in maintenance management consulting for implementation of all benchmark evaluation categories from our Scoreboard Assessments.

For pure facilities organization like one client, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, we would use our Scoreboard for Facilities Management Excellence as the initial assessment tool in our maintenance management consulting.

Achieving Reliability from Maintenance Management Consulting...

From the important first steps, we then help implement and successfully apply today's best practices in maintenance management consulting. Your Reliability and Maintenance Excellence improvement opportunities could be to define Your Best Maintenance Strategy via an RCM Team Process and then:

TMEII's Maintenance Management Consultants Implement Your Successful Strategy!

As your maintenance management consultants we work to implement the right plan for ensuring your success for increasing efficiency and saving money where possible. We will provide support and utilize the latest technology where beneficial. Through our maintenance management consulting you will have the correct schedule and blueprint for your maintenance scheduling. Through the implementation of these processes you will achieve a modern and improved materials management process.
For a more detailed look into our maintenance management consulting services we have posted more information about our operational services. As maintenance management consultants we are made up of Alliance Team Members which allows us to serve you better and is more cost effective for you. Our maintenance management consultants have the required technical expertise and on-the-job experience along with strong dedication to ensure your maintenance management success.

Proven Maintenance Management Consulting for Profit Maximization...

Our blueprints for success in maintenance management have been proven utilized for many different types of plants facilities from small many factory sites to large industries requiring a continuous process, big public utility complexes, hospitals, and universities to name a few. We are passionate about maintenance excellence and have a true understanding about how important it is to your facility. All throughout our site we discuss a foundational philosophies and practices that are meant to be proactive and should be carried out with repetition and a positive attitude.

We're Here for Your Maintenance Management Consulting and Maintenance Management Training...

For more information regarding our maintenance management consulting processes and techniques we encourage you to contact Ralph "Pete" Peters. He will assist you and answer and questions you about maintenance management consulting and how you can achieve your organizations' goals through these proven techniques. Consistent and reliable results are our specialty. With the right maintenance management you will be amazed at how you can maximize uptime, increase productivity and possible save money in many cases.