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Ralph 'Pete' Peters
Founder & President
"Maintenance Excellence Begins with

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Ralph W. 'Pete' Peters
President & Owner
P: 919-270-1173
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Take Aim at Recommendations to
Gain Excellence from Training Success

TARGETS is a new customer-centered concept that TARGETS your reliability and maintenance excellence challenges. TARGETS will help you to Take Aim at Recommendations and Gain Excellence from Training Success.

TARGETS are about synergy and a profit-centered combination of today's most comprehensive assessment process.

We combine The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence audit with onsite TrueWorkShopsTM tailored to your specific needs.

Here we take aim at recommendations from our onsite assessments, which we have performed for well over 300 operations such as each and every Boeing Commercial Airplane Group manufacturing site in all five regions.



After an assessment, for many operations, something very important was missing. The missing link was a true understanding of both the basics and the advanced maintenance practices we were recommending. Many failed to realize the magnitude of improvements in uptime, craft productivity, MRO inventory control, reliability, measurement processes and basic PRIDE-in-Maintenance that was possible.

So after our assessments of three US Air Force bases; Nellis, Seymour Johnson and Langley within the Air Combat Command, the idea for TARGETS came about. Very simply; it is performing today's most comprehensive assessment, presenting results and focusing customized, just in time training upon the high priority improvement areas that helps you implement.

Focus, Focus, Focus:

We focus on your TARGETS, the best practice recommendations for you to gain excellence with training success. We cannot guarantee nor be paid per as a percentage of savings. But I personally guarantee we will bring the firepower and knowledge to reinforce your current maintenance needs to Top Leaders. We will also highlight your successes clearly. You will get action from Top Leaders and help them cure the addiction of "gambling with maintenance." You will make a difference in the success of your organization by leading maintenance as if it were your personal business.

A Sample Plan-of-Action for You:

Please can take a look at a typical TARGETS plan-of-action at Sample TARGETS Plan. We have also added other new items in our assessment proposal content. This plan provides a scope of work/services and the typical investment for a single site operation of up to 50 crafts people.

Just Do It!

Let us know what you think of this plan even .....if you do nothing. Doing nothing is always an option many operations select. Especially when related to the extreme challenges of improving maintenance processes. But we see most Maintenance Leaders around ready to "JUST DO IT!" especially those in emerging nations like India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and many in West Africa that we have worked with over the years.

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